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The shameless request: NHT products offer ridiculously good performance at really low prices because we don't spend money on sales reps, dealer trips to Maui or leases on Porsche company cars. That's why we need your referrals to friends and associates who might also like might appreciate what we're doing here - so please, spread the word, tell a friend.  

The Carrot: To help this process along, we're gonna give away a pair of the fabulous SuperZero 2.0 speaker every week - value of $198 for the pair.  Even better, the last week of every month we'll up the ante and give away a pair of our new, uber cool SuperPower 90-watt powered speakers for your desktop or studio system -a $398 value for the pair!
You Must Follow Us On Facebook to Win: We'll post the weekly winner's name on our Facebook page - Facebook/NHTAudio. You'll have 7 days to claim your prize after we post your name (call us at 800-648-9993 or email us and prove it's really you).  Sounds rigged?  Not.  This process is a no brainer if you just "Like Us" because you'll get our Facebook feed on your wall and one day you name just might pop up.  

Tip:  Have your friends join the NHT Insider group too.  If they "Like Us" on Facebook too you'll have many eyes watching who the winners are on NHT's Facebook page.  If you get enough friends, you can rig the system by improving your odds (which we naturally encourage).  It's like a group buying a lottery ticket - what could go wrong?

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